The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Office

Resolutions for the New Year need not apply only to your private life. Resolutions for your business can vastly improve your overall life, including your work-life balance. Another upside to declaring resolutions in your office is that you’ll be held accountable by your coworkers and fellow employees to keep your pledges for 2015.

What Lighting is Best for Me?

Choosing lighting for your office isn’t as easy as it may seem. Proper light is important, as it protects your employees from headaches due to harsh lighting, or from eye-strain caused by lighting that is too dim. Each section of your office requires a different type of lighting according to what is accomplished there. Lighting provides a huge contribution to …

Happy People

The Importance of Happiness in the Office

While being successful does not guarantee happiness, those who are happy will find themselves in possession of a key ingredient to true prosperity, rather than those who struggle to make success the answer in itself. Of course, happiness does not show up on current numbers sheets, and doesn’t have a simple recipe to follow.  Once you begin to recognize and …

Comfort in the office

The Importance of Comfort at Work

As a business owner or project leader, optimizing your team’s potential in a busy workplace is a key to the success of your company. But aside from establishing proper processes and protocols designed to boost productivity, a work environment designed with comfort in mind is a surefire boon to high quality, efficient working habits. By taking a look at the …