Certified Pre-Owned

logo2crop Certified Pre Owned

          Desks Incorporated’s Certified Pre-Owned Program offers you an affordable alternative to buying new office furniture. Furniture that we have deemed “Certified Pre-Owned” will have gone through an 8 point inspection process and will meet the high quality standards you’ve come to expect. We will use the authority and expertise we’ve earned by being in the office furniture business for 60 years, to bring you premium pre-owned products that you can trust, for considerably less. 8 Point Inspection:
  • Clean, Sanitized, No Stains
  • All Components Fully Functional
  • Keys Included
  • File Bars Included
  • Functional Castors
  • Vacuumed
  • Level (Installation)
  • Laminate Tops Not Delaminating
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