Denver Office Services

Our commitment to serving our customers in Denver, and the entire US, has been the cornerstone of our organization for over 50 years. We do it right the first time; we do it on time; and always with you and your organization’s office furniture needs in mind. Whether you need one service or need all of them, our team is dedicated to your long-term business goals. Desks Incorporated provides unsurpassed service to save you time and money, and we are committed to a long lasting relationship with you. Our team of office furniture experts and professionals are here to meet your facility goals now and in the future.

We Buy Used Office Furniture

Desks Incorporated has a vast inventory of pre-owned office furniture, featuring many styles, manufacturers, and quantities. We evaluate and buy inventories of high end used office furniture daily. Desks Incorporated carefully evaluates pre-owned cubicle and preowned furniture inventories and selectively acquires the best pre-owned office workstations & furniture to be made available to our customers. Preowned workstations can be a tremendous source of savings along with being an environmentally friendly approach to furnishing your office. Through our expertise in the field of pre-owned cubicles and our experience in refurbishing existing used preowned cubicles, Desks Incorporated is able to provide preowned cubicles that are uniquely customized to your specific aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals. We can adjust the size, color, cabinets, shelving etc. to suit your taste and requirements.

Space Planning and Technical Specifications

We work closely with you, your architect, interior designer and our experienced design team to create an efficient and exciting space. We look at each employee’s requirements, the adjacencies of departments, your future growth, and the floor plan. Do you require 6’x 6′ or 8’x 8′ cubicles? How do we supply power? What ADA requirements must be met? What height panel would be most efficient for your work environment? These are just a few of the considerations that need to be made in properly determining how furniture will layout in any particular space. Each room and office furniture requirements are unique and with the help of our Design Team, we can assist in properly laying out your office with the selected furniture to create your space.

Project Management

We worked with you in specifying the products, fabrics, laminates, trim and all the details to create your office environment. Our Project Management Team will work with you to insure a seamless installation and move. We coordinate product delivery, oversee the installation, and work with the various construction trade groups to ensure a smooth process. Your Project Manager will assist you every step of the way through to the completion of the final punch-list.

Installation Services

A trouble-free installation is the key to any successful project. Cubicle installation is an extremely complex and timeconsuming process that involves many different parts and components. Our professional and experienced installers have a high degree of technical and mechanical skills to flawlessly execute each and every project installation. Our team is well versed in all major furniture systems and is exceptionally skilled at troubleshooting and anticipating problems before they happen.

Move Management and Furniture Assembly

Moving furniture and systems is complicated, time consuming and time sensitive. Desks Incorporated will work with you to coordinate a smooth and easy transition, assemble and re-assemble your furniture, and create a productive workspace within your time frame. Our team of warehouse professionals is deliberate in their attention to detail assembling chairs, desks, cubicles, reception stations and conference tables. We go through multiple checkpoints throughout the assembly process ensuring each product is constructed and assembled to the highest standards.

Product Reconfigurations

With the continuous demands on organizations to address personnel and staffing needs and changes, our account executives, and design and project management teams offer short term and long-term solutions to your layout. Whether it is rearranging two desks, tearing down workstations and moving across town, or making a space more open and collaborative, our ability to quickly reconfigure your space is our mission.

Panel and Upholstery Cleaning

As office expenses spiral ever higher, replacing existing furniture can be a very costly proposition. A visit from our experienced staff could save you thousands of dollars while improving office ambience, morale and air quality. This is a tremendous opportunity to add years and enhanced aesthetic appeal to your cubicle workstations. Our commercial grade steam cleaners provide a clean and updated look to your panels. Your quality office furnishings can regain their original beauty with a thorough cleaning.